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One of the world’s leading and specialized organizations in producing Arabic and Islamic curricula and other related books. The message of the organization is to contribute towards the development of education through the preparation of educational curricula that are fully integrated into their preparation and objectives, and harmonized with the psychological and behavioral dimensions of the students.

When the organization first began in 2000, a number of goals were set to be achieved.

The first and foremost was to prepare, publish and distribute educational curricula in both Arabic and English languages.

Our Mission

To contribute to the educational development process through planning and providing integrated curricula that can achieve its cognitive and educational goals.



To build on cultural heritage of the Islamic Nation and its contributions towards human civilization in different scientific areas


To contribute in the development process of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies education that goes with the needs and requirements of modern time.


Rich and qualitative educational content that includes excellent scientific material.


to keep the high-quality products in accordance with the international specifications.

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Arabic and Islamic
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