Islamic Dictionaries


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Islamic Dictionaries

ICO has prepared the Islamic terminology dictionaries in several copies; these dictionaries included most of the slang and terms used in religious studies, and built according to scientific methodology to help researchers access information easily and conveniently. These dictionaries are rich in terms and information, and worth owning. ICO facilitated the work for researchers by providing electronic copies, so that the interested people can benefit from them.

The Islamic Dictionary consists of:

  • Islamic Dictionary (Arabic-English) : which contains 1915 entries, 298 pages.
  • Islamic Dictionary (English-English) : which contains 1370 entries, 271 pages.
  • Islamic Dictionary (English-Arabic) : which contains 2000 entries, 245 pages.

The Dictionary of Islamic Terms (English – English) is one of the major products of International curricula (ICO), and the outcome of great efforts and long experience in the field of Islamic translation. It has been designed to meet the needs of researchers, translators, people specialized in Islamic translation, and post-graduate students preparing dissertations in Islamic sciences, as well as under- graduate students specializing in the English language and Islamic Studies. This dictionary, in its present volume, is expected to contribute greatly to inclusiveness and selectiveness.

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