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I was pleased with what I saw and heard, and was so optimistic about the future of ICO’s project, what they exceed through professionalism work that starts with clarity of vision, care integrity and accuracy of planning, I pray to Allah to bless the efforts of its workers.

H. E. Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdur Rahman Al Hussain

Ex General Chairman of the Presidency for the Tow Holy Mosques

I have studied the programs produced by ICO and was so pleased. I recommend them for every Muslim, I thank those in charge of their efforts and ask Allah that they benefit their communities. In my opinion, Muslims are in real need of these efforts, which focus on the educational aspect, especially the Muslim minority.

H.E Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdull Muhessen Al Turkhi

Ex Secretary General of the World Muslim Association

There is no doubt that the great efforts made by the International Curricula (Manahej) have enabled this foundation to achieve all its coals that embodied in the high quality of writing style, the acquisition of skills, the use of techniques and the creativity of output. The organizers of those efforts as well as the learners and beneficiaries of such efforts should be congratulated for their achievements. My tongue prays to God in order to reward them with further success and rightness for the services they have provided to this honorable language.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Al-Tayyan

Corresponding member of the collection of the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus

The programs included in this project represent a hope for the desired renaissance sought to spread the Islamic culture in various parts of the earth through the language chosen by God for the revelation of his book. The efforts have been done and will be done by the International Curricula (Manahej) in this regard offer all the goodness. We recommend to continue exercising such efforts with commitment to accuracy, to authenticity of the content, to wisdom and to acumen, with the help of God.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Mahdi

Member of the Al-Azhar Senior Scholars Board

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